Your Guide to Birdwatching near Depoe Bay

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The Oregon Coast is home to a variety of different wildlife such as gray whales, sea lions, and numerous bird species – making the coast a popular place to see local fauna. Because of the diversity of species that can be seen along the coastline, Oregon is home to Oregon Coast Birding Trail. The trail hosts 173 different sites, from north to south, along Oregon’s rugged coastline. Depoe Bay and its surrounding areas are considered the Central Coast section of the Oregon Coast Birding Trail. With its tidal estuaries, long sandy beaches, and revolving sand dunes the Central Coast is a prime location to witness the flight of various birds. Keep your eye out and use our guide to birdwatching near Depoe Bay.

Fogarty Creek State Park

Two miles north of Depoe Bay, Fogarty Creek State Park offers a relaxing and beautiful scenery for an afternoon of birding. Birders can walk the paved trail that crosses through the lush forests leading directly to a beach with rocky seashore habitat. Year-round species include Winter Wren, Spotted Towhee, and Song Sparrow, while seasonal sightings in the spring include Yellow-rumped and Townsend’s.

Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint

As a premier spectator location for all Oregon Coast sea-life, Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint is a rugged bay with high-action surf. The more experienced birder will enjoy the challenge of spotting distant seabirds with helpful equipment such as a spotting scope. With just over 40 different species of birds that can be seen from this point, each season provides a new opportunity for a new siting.

Depoe Bay Seawall and Whale Watching Center

Right here in Depoe Bay at the Whale Watching Center, our open ocean and seaside habitat provide ample opportunity to see dozens of birds. Not only will birders get the chance to see a variety of birds but as the whale watching capital of Oregon, Depoe Bay is also a great place to witness the great whale migration during the spring and winter months.

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Devil’s Punch Bowl State Natural Area

A popular viewing site for coastal storms, Devil’s Punch Bowl State Natural Area is a great place for birdwatching near Depoe Bay. This natural formation is also popular with tide-poolers, whale watchers, and of course bird watchers. Attracting a variety of birds each summer, spring, fall, and winter this is one spot where you

Yaquina Bay

Really most anywhere along Yaquina Bay can offer ample opportunity for multiple birding experiences. From the South Jetty at Yaquina Bay to Yaquina Bay State Park, this coastal estuarine body of water offers birders a chance to see nearly 100 different species throughout the changing seasons. There are also several Bird Pelagic tours offered from the Newport Tradewinds for those seeking a guided experience.

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