Springtime in Depoe Bay

Plan a spring getaway with these top Depoe Bay activities you should add to your travel itinerary. With so many Oregon Coast activities like whale watching, sunsets, and incredible storm watching, springtime is the best time to enjoy the best of Depoe Bay.

Whale Watching

We must start our list off with the best activity to do in Depoe Bay and that is whale watching! Early winter and spring are the best times to catch the gray whale migration off the coast of Oregon. Depoe Bay offers some of the best seats in the house to see Mother Nature at her best. At peak viewing times, you are likely to see about 30 whales per hour! So, for your private viewing pleasure, book one of our rooms and enjoy this spectacular show, as the gray whales migrate back to Alaska.

Storm Watching

Depoe Bay offers stormy sites along the Oregon Coast that should not be missed. Watch as the storm clouds roll in off the coast, while ocean water moistens the air and lightning strikes light up the sky, for a spectacular show out on the horizon. The best time to catch these storms is winter into early spring as the warm and cold air collide, making a spectacular show for all to see. And, if you book a room at Whale Cove Inn, you will be able to enjoy these powerful storms from the comfort of your own room or balcony.

Sunsets on the Coast

Oregon’s beautiful coastal sunsets can be a bit fleeting, with the unpredictable coastal weather. But springtime along the coast provides a better opportunity to catch an orange glow of the sun bouncing off the Pacific Ocean. The reason being is that you miss the marine fog in the springtime and with the frequent storms this time of year billowing clouds add just the detail you need for a dramatic sunset.

Fogarty Creek State Park

For guaranteed coastline beauty visit Fogarty Creek State Park, where the creek meets the ocean. Make use of their covered picnic area, walk across the wooden footbridge, or stroll along the cliff-lined beach for the ultimate coastal experience in Oregon. There are also excellent bird watching and tide pooling opportunities for those wanting to explore a little bit more of Mother Nature.

Dockside Charters

Head out for a day at sea with Dockside Charters. During the spring months, you will come across a lot of Chinook Salmon and Crab. Check their website for their daily fishing report and see what is biting and being caught. And for double the fun, spring is also a great time to see breaching whales as you head out on your charter boat, so keep your eyes peeled.

Unique Coastal Scenery

The spring months in Depoe Bay can bring different unique coastal scenery that you can’t see any other time of year. April, May and sometimes June are when the lowest tides of the year happen and with that brings unusual sites, like agate beds that pop against the sandy landscape. Plus, with the spring storms rolling in off the coast and churning up the ocean, you are most likely to come across frenzied sea foam forming on the sand, making for a fun photo capture.

Springtime in Depoe Bay and along the Oregon Coast is one of the best-kept secrets, so take advantage of smaller crowds and book your stay at Whale Cove Inn for a great spring getaway!


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