Scenic Landmarks

Waves in Depoe Bay

Attractions Along the Oregon Coast

The rocky landscape of the Oregon Coast beckons many travelers. For those seeking a scenic drive along the coast or taking little adventures to natural landmarks in Depoe Bay, you can’t exclude these Oregon Coast things to do that will make for perfect highlights of your trip.

Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint

A favorite spot among locals for optimal whale watching, Boiler Bay offers panoramic views of the coast. Some visitors also enjoy the variety of seafaring birds that like to fly by this area as well.  When the tide is low, you can see the boiler from the ship J. Marhoffer that was sunk in 1910 from an explosion giving the landmark its namesake.

Cape Foulweather

Named by Captain James Cook in 1778, this landmark encapsulates the rugged terrain of the Oregon Coast and the fierce storms that build up here. Cape Foulweather is located at Shell St. and Shell Ave right here in Depoe Bay.

Cape Perpetua

Near Yachats, Cape Perpetua offers spectacular coastline views and was also named by Captain Cook. There are twenty-six miles of hiking trails that connect in the scenic area. Along Cape Perpetua, many visitors stop to snap photographs of the Devil’s Churn, Spouting Horn, and Thor’s Well. These landmarks are popular, but caution is advised during storms or when the tide is especially high.

Devils Punch Bowl

A state park and natural area, Devils Punch Bowl is a popular whale watching location, but many come to the park to marvel at the natural formation: the punch bowl. It’s guessed that the punch bowl formed by the collapse of a roof over two sea caves and then was eventually shaped by the waves. There are also tidepools on the north side of the punch bowl and scenic picnic areas on the rocky shoreline. Devils Punch Bowl is about 5 miles south of Depoe Bay.

Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and ocean views at this ocean-front park. This is a popular photography spot when storms roll in because of the way the waves crash against the offshore rocks. On the rocks you may also spot some sea lions and harbor seals, as well as see whales out in the water.


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